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Park Place Children’s Center is located at 205 Batesville Road in Simpsonville, SC. You can find us near the intersection of Woodruff Road and Batesville Road, right next door to Parkside Pediatrics.

Our proximity to Parkside Pediatrics provides a variety of benefits to our school and the families we serve:

  • Knowing the doctors are close by provides an added measure of comfort for parents

  • The pediatricians periodically inspect our campus to ensure that proper health and safety practices are being enforced

  • Parents of children registered at Parkside Pediatrics can give permission for a school official to escort their child to the doctor’s office for routine examinations and diagnoses. For example, if a child’s eyes are pink, it could be due to allergies (in which case they can stay at school) or conjunctivitis (meaning they’d have to go home). Parents have the option of authorizing the school director or assistant director to take their child to Parkside Pediatrics, to determine whether or not they need to come take their child home. Parents are charged for an office visit, but this service saves parents significant time away from work, and prevents children from being sent home when they are actually well enough to stay at school. Please be aware that all appropriate paperwork must be completed and signed each time we provide this service for you.

Park Place Children’s Center includes a 20,000 square foot facility nestled on a 3.4 acre campus. The building was designed to appear more residential than commercial to promote a home-like, comfortable atmosphere.

The facility includes:

  • A lobby with two sets of controlled access doors for added security

  • A car seat closet so parents can leave their baby carriers and car seats if a spouse or other caregiver is picking their child up

  • A “Boo-Boos & Band-aids” room where tender, loving care will be provided to children with injuries or illnesses

  • A complimentary coffee bar for parents

  • A gymnasium

  • A library

  • An enrichment room (for music, drama, computer activities, and more)

  • A full service kitchen

  • A café/meeting room for parent and teacher gatherings and training sessions

  • Six infant classrooms

  • Three toddler classrooms

  • Three classrooms for two year olds

  • Four classrooms for three year olds

  • Four classrooms for four year olds

  • An infant playground, toddler playground, and pre-school/after school playground

  • A fully-equipped teacher workroom

  • Two resource rooms for classroom supplies

  • Two offices

  • Two conference rooms

  • A laundry/housekeeping room


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