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  1. The Creative Curriculum

  2. High/Scope

  3. Montessori

  4. The Project Approach

  5. Reggio Emilia

  6. Theme-based model

  7. And more….

There are several different philosophies regarding early childhood education, and a variety of curriculum models to choose from. But since it’s been proven that children have different learning styles, why should pre-schools limit themselves to just one approach?

At Park Place Children’s Center, teachers receive on-going training in a wide variety of curriculums and teaching strategies. They understand how to discover each child’s predominant learning style, and how to tap into each child’s potential. Each teacher’s weekly lesson plan incorporates projects and activities that best meet the needs of the children in that particular classroom.

Park Place Children’s Center uses The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool as its foundation. This comprehensive, scientifically-based early childhood curriculum is based on widely accepted research and theories of child development and learning. The Creative Curriculum provides an environmental framework that focuses planning around indoor and outdoor interest areas. There are clearly defined goals and objectives, and The Creative Curriculum explains how to teach content in ways that respect the developmental stages of preschool children.

A developmental assessment is provided for each classroom, detailing the skills that children in that age group typically master. These assessments guide teachers in planning appropriate activities, and then observing how and when the children grasp and master each skill. The assessments measure cognitive, fine motor, gross motor, social, language and literacy skills. Parents and teachers review these assessments at regular intervals to ensure that children are progressing properly.

It’s true that children learn best through play. While playing, they develop their own knowledge through creativity, interaction, exploration and imitation of role models. However, the best pre-school programs balance self-discovery and teacher direction. Providing specific toys and activities in the appropriate learning environment promotes independence, fosters decision-making skills and encourages hand-on involvement.

At Park Place Children’s Center, our goal is to help children gain confidence, positive self-esteem, and a love for learning. Children who learn how to share, express their thoughts and feelings, and exhibit appropriate social skills have developed skills and abilities that will last a lifetime


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