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Most childcare centers offer similar teacher: student ratios, but differ greatly in the number of children that are scheduled to be in each room. A hallmark of Park Place Children’s Center is our small group size. Children learn best and receive more quality care and attention from their teacher in a small group.

The chart below shows the maximum ratios and group sizes for each room. These numbers are based on the “enhanced standards” set forth by Advocates for Better Care. As our school grows, we plan to reduce these numbers to comply with national accreditation standards

  Ratio Group Size Number of Rooms
Infants 1:5 One teacher and 5 babies per room 6
Toddlers  1:5 Two teachers and 10 toddlers per room   3
Two Year Olds 1:7 Two teachers and 14 children per room  3
Three Year Olds 1:11 One teacher and 11 children per room 4
Four Year Olds 1:13 One teacher and 13 children per room 4
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