Children are born

“ready to learn.”

At Park Place Children’s Center, age-appropriate activities and environments provide children with the stimulation they need to make the most of their early learning opportunities.

Children need consistent caregivers and teachers.

Children benefit much more in an environment where meaningful and lasting relationships can be developed between the children, parents and their caregivers/teachers.  Park Place Children’s Center follows a typical school year schedule, where children stay in each classroom for a full year, and “move up” to their new classroom every August. 

Research shows that it takes children several months to establish a bond with a non-parent.

Close relationships between children and their primary caregivers can flourish.

The teacher is able to fully determine each child’s strengths.

Continuity of care also allows children and their teachers to really get to know and become comfortable with the “culture” of their classroom. They don’t have to spend time every few months trying to get to know a new set of rules, friends and ways of doing things.

The relationship between our family and yours is of utmost importance.

We are honored to have the opportunity to play in a role in children’s lives. So, when parents and children enter our center, we want them to feel like family. We share parents’ goal of providing the very best for their children, and we want to work in partnership to ensure that each child has positive, successful experiences at our school. We are committed to fostering relationships between our staff and your family that allow for frequent and open communication in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Infant Room

Toddler Room

K2 Classroom

K3 Classroom

K4 Classroom


The classroom environment plays a vital role in your child’s pre-school education..

When children feel secure, they are more confident about trying new things and learning new skills. Our classrooms are warm and inviting so children are drawn to the array of activities available, not overwhelmed by their surroundings.