COVID-19 Response

Park Place Children’s Center has developed a response plan to guide our efforts in keeping all children, parents and staff safe and healthy.

Our protocol is based on what is currently known about COVID-19 and is subject to change without notice, the full details of which are available to parents, and parents of prospective students, upon request.


We have taken steps to provide the safest possible environment for our families:

UV-C Air Sanitizers in HVAC systems

A new touchless door entry system

Mandatory hand washing

Small group size

Increased housekeeping

Health Policies

Children and staff will be excluded from attending if they have symptoms of Coronavirus.  

If symptoms arise during the school day, the child with symptoms will be sent home and the rest of the children will be temporarily removed from the classroom while the room is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. 

Any one of the following symptoms:

Fever (100.4 or higher)

Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

Loss of taste or smell

New or worsening cough

Any two of the following symptoms:

Sore throat

Muscle or body aches




Congestion or runny nose


Nausea or vomiting

Guidelines on returning to Park Place as either a suspected or lab confirmed case are detailed in Park Place’s full COVID-19 response plan, and reflect the current guidance from applicable public health agencies.

Communication with Families

Staff and parents of children who may have come in contact with a suspected case of COVID-19 will be notified of a possible exposure. They will also be notified when the test results are received.

If a staff member or child tests positive for COVID-19, all Park Place families will be made aware that a positive case of COVID-19 has been detected and will be told which group(s) of children may have come in contact with the positive case.

An Essential Business

As an essential business, it is our intent to remain open so we can provide necessary childcare services to our families. We will provide the safest environment possible, and will always be transparent with families about any suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19. We will always encourage parents to seek the advice of their pediatrician if they have any concerns about their child’s attendance at Park Place.